What is digital readiness for software?

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Before considering new software or technology, first you need to know where you are in your digital readiness journey. Find out what digital readiness is, why you need to know, and how to assess your level of readiness.

What is digital readiness?

Digital readiness is about having the right tools to meet your business’ needs when adopting new technology.

This could be, for example, having processes in place to provide your staff with the digital skills needed, or systems that safely and securely back up all your business’ data, either on Servers or in the Cloud.

Once you’re digitally ready, you can then introduce new ways of working that will bring a range of benefits, such as streamlining business processes to improve efficiency and offering your customers a more personalised service.


70% of small and medium-sized businesses agree that their innovation relies on having the latest digital technologies

Why assess digital readiness?


More than 90% of small and medium-sized businesses see investment in digital technologies as a solution to stay ahead of competitors.

Before you introduce new technology and digital ways of working to your business, you need to first assess your digital readiness. This will help you to focus on areas that you want to change.

The more prepared you are, the higher the chance that software implementation will be successful.

For example:

  • do you have a reliable internet connection that will accommodate new software?
  • do you know which software product is right for your business’ needs?
  • have you thought about what digital skills your staff will need to be able to use any new technology?
  • can you build on existing practices/software or are you starting from a clean slate?
  • will new software be compatible with your existing technology?
  • do you have the right hardware to adopt new software? (e.g. touch screen compatible if relevant, or portable, or sufficiently modern to cope with new software)

Top tip

Digitisation, digitalisation and digital transformation; find out what they mean and how they can help your business.

How to assess digital readiness

Complete our Digital Audit to better understand how digitally ready you are. Answer the 9 questions to find out whether you’re a Digital performer, Digital mover or Digital newcomer.

Top tip

When considering digital ways of working, it’s essential to consider the importance of cyber security for your business.

Help to Grow: Digital guidance

Next steps

Once you’ve completed the Digital Audit, you’ll be ready to decide whether you want to make changes, and what those changes will be. The three main areas you may want to consider are:

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