What type of software training is right for your business?

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Choosing the right type of training for your business not only helps empower your team, but it also makes sure your software adoption will be more likely to succeed. Here, we explain how to do it.

There is no 'one-size-fits-all' approach for software training. What’s right for one business might not be right for yours.

Choosing the right type of software training will help you to:

  • get the most out of your software – having the appropriate training from someone who knows the software will help identify better ways of working to benefit your business, while ensuring your team uses it efficiently and effectively
  • avoid delays – making sure you have the right people trained before rolling out new software reduces the impact it might have on your business operations before going live
  • manage your budget – choosing appropriate training in line with funds available will help make sure you remain within budget for your software rollout and help you to avoid any unnecessary costs.

Why software training is important for your team

Choosing the right software training isn’t just important for your business, but your team too.

Understanding software more thoroughly helps to expand your team’s knowledge and can increase their productivity.

Investing time and money in professional development and taking the time to bring your team up to speed also helps to improve retention and morale.

Things to consider when choosing software training

Think about…


Does your company have the budget for the training you want? Have you thought about – or set – a budget yet? Remember you may need to earmark funding for future training, if required, too.

Business set up – in person or virtual training?

How will training be carried out? For example, are all your staff located in the same office or do many colleagues work from home?

External training vs internal champions

What do external training providers or your software provider offer? Do you have digital champions within your business that you can use to support the roll out? Thinking about the existing digital skills of your team, and how they might support with training, could save you time and money.

Business as usual

How will you ensure that training won't affect day-to-day running of the business or yourcustomers? You might choose to stagger the training across different days to reduce disruption to your operations.


Will you need to consider different levels of training, according to different people’s roles across the business?

Decide what’s best for your busines

In-house training champion

This method of training can:

  • offer peace of mind, knowing you have the in-house resources for future training at no additional cost
  • help with team dynamics; it may be easier to learn from someone you know
  • be cheaper, particularly if looking to train new members of staff during inductions, or when offering refresher courses

If you’re considering this type of training, make sure your team member has the skill and time to train others efficiently for the duration, and that they are happy to do so. You’ll also need a contingency plan in place, should this person leave the business.

External training provider

This method of training can:

  • provide a fresh perspective of how things are done, with the help of a professional trainer
  • allow you to learn from a professional trainer who knows the software inside out
  • help with employee morale, through investing time and resources into training your staff

If you’re considering this type of training, make sure you understand the costs involved. It’s generally more expensive than other training methods and can take longer to arrange. Make sure it fits in with the timings of your software rollout.

Online training

This method of training can:

  • be more cost effective than hiring an external trainer
  • give flexibility; letting your staff attend training depending on your business’ needs
  • allow consistency, with all training being the same for everyone

If you’re considering this type of training, be aware that you may not be able to tailor it to your exact business needs. It can also lack the engagement of face-to-face training, which could result in giving your team a superficial understanding of the software, and not everything they need.

Software provider training

This method of training can:

  • cost less, as it sometimes comes free with the software purchase
  • allow you to learn from people associated with the software you’ve adopted

If you’re considering this type of training, it’s usually only free for a limited period of time after purchase, so factor it into your time planning

Next steps

Understanding what type of software training is right for your business is important to ensuring you get the most from your software – not just for your business, but for your staff too.

When researching the right type of software training, make sure you weigh up your options, being aware of the benefits each can bring.

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