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Learn more about different types of software available through Help to Grow: Digital, how to identify what your business needs, and use our step-by-step guide to embrace new ways of working.

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6 steps to choosing software

Co-workers sitting around a conference room table, watching a TV screen

Digital technologies can help your business grow. Our 6 steps will steer you through the buying process, so you can make the right choice.

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Step 1: Set objectives for new software

Person on a laptop, with various digital icons in the foreground that represent business activities digitally, such as a shopping trolley, a delivery van, email icon and a person speaking.

Reading time: 3:01

Before you think about which software to buy, you need to know what problems you want it to solve. Work out why you’re buying it and what you want it to achieve.

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Step 2: Write your requirements list

5 people seated in a waiting area using their phones, a tablet and laptop, with one reading a newspaper

Reading time: 1:37

Download our checklist to help you draw up a list of the features you need software to have. This will help you compare products and choose the right one for you.

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Step 3: Calculate your software budget

A person using a calculator and their laptop simultaneously

Reading time: 2:28

Download our 2 checklists to help you understand the potential financial benefits and savings, plus the financial costs, you need to consider before buying software.

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Step 4: Buy software with confidence

Test all new software before introducing it to your team

Reading time: 3:52

Once you know what you can spend on new software, it’s time to talk to suppliers, get quotes and trial some products. Find out the questions to ask and what to watch out for.

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Step 5: Make new software work for your team

Business meeting between six people around a boardroom table

Reading time: 1:52

There are lots of potential challenges when introducing new technology into your business. Download our checklist for tips to help ensure that getting buy-in from your team isn’t one of them.

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Step 6: Get your money’s worth

A man conducts a presentation on a projector to an audience, showing a bar chart with numbers

Reading time: 2:26

With your new software in place, it’s time to review whether it’s achieving everything you wanted it to, or whether it needs improvements. Here’s how to do it.

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