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Case studies

Explore how software has helped businesses just like yours. Our case studies examine the challenges faced by these SMEs and how software helped to overcome them.

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Case studies

Crannis Technology Services

Darren Crannis of Crannis Technology Services wearing a t-shirt with the company logo on the front

Reading time: 3:55

Darren Crannis decided to use Digital Accounting software early during the formation of his electrical engineering company. He explains why it’s never too late to start using it.

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Pure Punjabi

Safia and her mother Surinder from Pure Punjabi, wearing yellow aprons with the company logo on the front

Reading time: 4:01

Mother and daughter team Surinder and Safia Hothi-Bellamy explain how learning to use eCommerce software and adopting it for their website has led to business growth.

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Reading time: 3:29

Having switched careers from finance to set up his commercial cleaning business in 2018, Karim Samani explains how CRM software has helped him manage interactions with his clients.

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Brightside Brewing Company

Carley Friedrich wearing a sweater with a 'Brightside Brewing Company' logo on it

Reading time: 3:39

In 2009, Carley Friedrich decided to return to the fold and help her family set up a brewery. When times got tough, eCommerce software helped generate the sales they needed.

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Copper Connexions

Reading time: 3:51

When Anthony Denison-Birch decided to go it alone and set up Copper Connexions Ltd, he discovered adopting Digital Accounting was one of the best things he could do to help his business grow.

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Dunsters Farm

Tom Matthew and his sister Hannah Barlow from Dunsters Farm standing in front of empty pallets

Reading time: 3:54

In 2014, brother and sister, Tom Matthew and Hannah Barlow, became the third generation to work for the family’s business, Dunsters Farm. When the pandemic hit, eCommerce software helped keep things afloat.

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Ligero Design

Ashley and Colin Hulme inside their workshop, working together on a project

Reading time: 4:31

When father and son team Colin and Ashley Hulme founded specialist LED lighting company Ligero Design, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software soon shone a light on the benefits it could bring to their business.

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Hippersons Boatyard

Boats moored at Hippersons Boatyard in Beccles, Suffolk

Reading time: 3:55

From mooring up for the night to a new business challenge. Simon Sparrow reflects on how Digital Accounting software took the Beccles-based boat and holiday accommodation business from paper-based into the 21st century.

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Edale Enterprises

Reading time: 4:31

Launching his business in the investment services sector, Lawrie Chandler explains how CRM is vital for keeping his clients happy and his business running smoothly.

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Proeon Systems

Dr Dorian Hindmarsh of Proeon Systems

Reading time: 3:15

Dr Dorian Hindmarsh needed a solution to enhance customer relationships and increase customer growth. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software provided him with answers to both.

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Chil UK

George Carter stood next to a van with the logo 'Chil UK' written on the side

Reading time: 3:47

After completing his apprenticeship and co-founding Chil UK, George Carter discovered the opportunity to grow his business through adopting Digital Accounting and CRM software.

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Lucocoa Chocolate

Amarachi Clarke from Lucocoa Chocolate standing in front of a building

Reading time: 3:44

Amarachi Clarke founded Lucocoa Chocolate, London’s first ethical bean to bar chocolate makers, to bring about a change for the better. Here Amarachi explains how eCommerce software helped expand her business by raising brand awareness which led to increased sales.

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Your Finance Team

A man sitting at a desk, using a laptop, surrounded by a caclulator, clipboard and papers

Reading time: 3:46

For Mark Randall of Your Finance Team, Digital Accounting software gave him the tools he needed to go it alone and set up his own business.

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WJP Software

Reading time: 4.10

James Proctor decided to incorporate CRM software into his business to gain better oversight of his client base. Here, he explains how Help to Grow: Digital supported him.

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Reading time: 4:00

As CEO of SkillsForge Ltd, Gary Fawcett helps other institutions streamline their digital processes. Find out how he did the same for his business through Help to Grow: Digital.

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Reading time: 3:51

For Flynet Ltd’s Sam Barker, discovering Help to Grow: Digital meant his team not only saved money, but automated its processes, allowing it to spend more time growing the company

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Fuse Pipeline

Reading time: 3:59

After setting up marketing agency Fuse Pipeline in 2020, Robert Carson found Customer Relationship Management software offered the simplest solution to taking on new clients. Here, he explains how he did it

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Lotus UK

Reading time: 3:41

Business manager Isabel Luque highlights the benefits of implementing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, and how it’s helped to give staff at LOTUS more control over keeping track of their client base.

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Empsy Ltd

Reading time: 4:20

Dr Ho Chow Law spent almost 20 years avoiding digital tools. Then he discovered the opportunities accounting software held for his business.

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