Step 6: Get your money’s worth

Reading time: 2:26

With your new software in place, it’s time to review whether it’s achieving everything you wanted it to, or whether it needs improvements.

This involves going back to what you wanted the new technology to achieve - and comparing it with the benefits you’re seeing now.

Does the software do what you want it to?

Revisit the goals you set in step 1 Set your objectives for new software, plus your Shopping List Checklist from step 2 and Introducing Software Checklist from step 5.

With the technology in place, you can now compare these lists with how the software is working. How well has it integrated with your business’ other systems and processes? Is it working how you expected it to?

Complete these reviews each month in the first six months, then quarterly.

Is the software working for your team?

It’s important to get your team involved in the review process. Aim to do this 2 months after the software has been implemented. Then again 6 months after implementation.

This will give you valuable feedback and answer many questions around whether it’s working how you expected it to. If so, that’s great. If not, holding a ‘lessons learned’ workshop with your team will help you find out why. It will be an opportunity to:

  • Share knowledge and views
  • Raise any issues
  • Identify if more support or training is needed
  • Review the implementation process
  • Identify what went well and what could have gone better
  • See if the new software has had a positive impact on your business
  • Raise any surprising benefits or unexpected disappointments – this will help when it comes to upgrading or renewing your software.

Useful questions to ask in this session include:

  • Is everyone who should be using the new system doing so?
  • Is the software user friendly?
  • Is everyone comfortable using it? 
  • Are they using it the way you intended? 
  • Do some team members still prefer the old system?  If so, why? Are there changes you can make to the new system to address this?
  • Are you able to contact support services quickly and easily? Do you need more support?
  • What impact has the new software had on the team? Has anyone’s role changed significantly – whether for better or worse? 
  • Are there any issues? For example, skills shortages that you hadn’t been aware of?

Are you getting value for money?

Does the software have all the features you wanted from it? Are you getting all the benefits it promised? Check it against your shopping list to make sure you have all the requirements you need.

Or have the costs crept up? If so, are you paying for features that you needed initially but don’t now? Or are you paying for extras you expected to need but don’t?

This review process is an opportunity to make sure you’re getting the best possible price. For example, if you’re happy with the technology, look into whether changing your subscription plan would be cheaper. Committing for a longer time is likely to be cheaper; you might want to switch from a monthly to an annual subscription.

What if the software isn’t working for you? Does it need a little more time for people to get used to it? Or isn’t it achieving what you want it to? Talk to the supplier about any issues you’ve got. They may have some ideas for solutions.

If that’s not successful, see if you can cancel or change the product to something more suitable.

Only by thoroughly reviewing how your new software is working for you and the team, will you know how successful your purchase has been.

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