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Digital technology can help grow your business. Whether you’re taking your first step or next step, our guidance section includes resources to help you: work out what’s right for your business; adopt new ways of working; and learn how digital has helped businesses like yours.

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Introduction to eCommerce software

eCommerce software enables you to promote your brand by selling direct from your website. Find out more about the benefits of managing your sales and inventory in real time.

Pure Punjabi

Mother and daughter team Surinder and Safia Hothi-Bellamy explain how learning to use eCommerce software and adopting it for their website has led to business growth.

Brightside Brewing Company

In 2009, Carley Friedrich decided to return to the fold and help her family set up a brewery. When times got tough, eCommerce software helped generate the sales they needed.

Dunsters Farm

In 2014, brother and sister, Tom Matthew and Hannah Barlow, became the third generation to work for the family’s business, Dunsters Farm. When the pandemic hit, eCommerce software helped keep things afloat.

Would eCommerce suit my business?

eCommerce software offers more than the ability to sell from your website. Find out more about its features, including an overview of your sales operation and help to create a shopping experience unique to your brand.

Lucocoa Chocolate

Amarachi Clarke founded Lucocoa Chocolate, London’s first ethical bean to bar chocolate makers, to bring about a change for the better. Here Amarachi explains how eCommerce software helped expand her business by raising brand awareness which led to increased sales.

Using eCommerce software for promotions

eCommerce software can help you create and manage online promotions for your business. Find out how this can increase your sales and brand awareness.

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