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Eligible businesses can get 50% off, up to £5,000, on approved Digital Accounting and Customer Relationship Management software.

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Small and medium-sized businesses like yours are the backbone of our economy, creating jobs and prosperity across the UK.

As part of our Plan for Jobs, we’ve launched Help to Grow: Digital, to help businesses use the latest digital technology to cut costs, save time, reach new customers and be more competitive.

Whether you want to build customer relationships to increase sales, manage your accounts and finances digitally, or make the most of selling online, digital software can help you do that.

And we know that businesses who adopt digital technologies can be up to 18% more productive.

However, we also know that over half of businesses who try to adopt new digital technologies are unsuccessful.

Understanding the practical benefits of adopting digital software, and how to choose the right products and use them in a business, are some of the main barriers to successful digital technology investment. 1 in 3 small and medium-sized businesses also say costs are a significant barrier.

This is why we’re introducing Help to Grow: Digital – because we want to give you the advice and funding you need to embrace the benefits of digital technology, and help your business grow.

Regardless of what your business does, from a construction company to a photo studio, the new Help to Grow: Digital learning platform will provide free, impartial information and advice to help you adopt the right technology for your business and employees.

This platform brings together, for the first time, guidance on how to choose and use digital software to grow your business – designed with input from industry leaders and independent experts. On the platform:

  • After answering a quick, few questions, you will be directed to tailored information for your business.
  • You’ll then be able to access guides on how to identify the best digital software to achieve your business goals.
  • And you can hear from other businesses who have successfully transformed their operations using the same digital software.

And because we know that costs are a significant barrier to businesses investing in digital software, discounts worth up to £5,000 to help you buy the right productivity software for your business are now available.

Discounts will cover up to 50% of the software cost, and are available to help you purchase customer relationship management software and accountancy software. So explore the advice and guidance on the Help to Grow: Digital learning platform today. And apply for the software discount to purchase what you need.

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Help to Grow: Digital guidance

The benefits of going digital for your business

Digital ways of working can lead to unexpected rewards for your business, including saving time and money and giving you the best chance to compete and grow.

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Digital technologies can help your business grow. Our 6 steps will steer you through the buying process, so you can make the right choice.