Introduction to eCommerce

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Using eCommerce software to sell goods or services for your business is one of the quickest ways to reach more customers and drive sales from your website.

Let’s look closer at the benefits of eCommerce software and how it can help your business.

Introduction to eCommerce software

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Are you a seasoned online seller or a new business with products to launch? If you are, using eCommerce software is the quickest way to reach more customers and drive sales. eCommerce software is great if you want to sell directly from your website, or via online marketplaces.

In a lot of cases, eCommerce software plugs directly into your business’ existing websites, and guides you through adding product descriptions, setting prices, and managing your stock levels for a seamless customer experience helping you build trust in your brand.

Online retail is hyper-competitive, and a sector which is growing fast. eCommerce software can give you a lot of quality data to understand your customers better and help you stay ahead of your competitors. It can simplify and track the buying experience, so you can focus on providing great customer service.

And if you’re thinking about expanding into international markets, eCommerce software can also help you manage how you trade in different currencies, automatically calculating conversion rates and taxes.

Let’s see if eCommerce software is something your business and employees could benefit from.

Do you want to build a website to advertise products or services?

Simplify tasks like taking payments, listing products and managing reviews?

Create a more personalised shopping experience for you customers online?

Improve loyalty by understanding what yout customers want?

Or are you looking for a way to manage your inventory in real-time?

If this sounds like you, then it’s time to look at how eCommerce software could help your business.

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What is eCommerce software?

eCommerce software helps you sell your products or services through an online storefront, while promoting your brand.

It also streamlines managing your inventory, adding or removing products, taking payments and other day-to-day tasks in a manner your customers are accustomed to and expect.

Adopting eCommerce software helps by enabling you to oversee your entire sales operation efficiently, even if you feel like you lack the technical knowledge.

Why should you care about eCommerce?

Figures from the Office of National Statistics show that revenue generated from eCommerce sales in the UK has increased by almost 40% to £693bn over five years.

If you’re looking to grow your business, adopting eCommerce software could be the answer.

Is eCommerce software right for you?

eCommerce software might be right for you if you want to:

  • advertise your products or services online
  • simplify tasks like taking payments, listing products, raising receipts and managing reviews
  • meet your customers’ needs, as many turn to shopping online
  • create personal online experiences for your customers
  • manage your inventory in real-time

However, eCommerce software might not be right for you if you don’t have stock to manage, or only use one tool for your entire business like an online selling platform.

It’s important to note that eCommerce software will charge you a percentage or fee on each transaction in addition to the cost of buying the software.

How eCommerce software can help your business grow

Once up and running, eCommerce software helps you to manage day-to-day tasks including selling online, adding product descriptions, setting prices and managing your stock levels.

In many cases, eCommerce software enables you to extend your existing website to sell your goods or services, while providing a seamless experience for your customers.

Adopting this software also allows you to reduce time spent on repetitive tasks, so you can focus on elements of your business to help it grow.

eCommerce software can help you create a more personalised shopping experience when selling online, too.

By providing clear, good quality data essential for understanding what your customer wants and needs, you can tailor the shopping experience, manage promotions and customer accounts.

As more customers look to shop online, a new approach to eCommerce can assist in taking your business into new markets and territories.

eCommerce software can help you depend less on more traditional and expensive routes to market – ideal if you’re looking to stay in control without depending on a separate marketplace.

Next steps

If you’ve considered eCommerce software before, but didn't know how to implement it into your business, or how it would be paid for, you’re not alone. Many businesses feel cost and knowledge are barriers to adopting new digital technologies.

Would eCommerce suit my business? explains more about eCommerce software features, including an overview of your sales operation and help to create a shopping experience unique to your brand.

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