Step 5: Make new software work for your team

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There are lots of potential challenges when introducing new technology into your business. Here are some tips to help ensure that getting buy-in from your team isn’t one of them.

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New software might improve processes and bring huge benefits to your business, but there may initially be some resistance from your team. Change can be challenging and not everyone may embrace it, especially if they feel that the current way of working is fine as it is. Others may feel that their jobs are being threatened.

Involve your team from the start

It’s important to get everyone involved at the earliest possible stage. Ask them for their feedback via a questionnaire. Get their views about the existing systems and processes, and find out what they think works and what doesn’t.

Champion the benefits

Highlight to your team the benefits of the new technology. For example, it might simplify and speed up some of their tasks – such as automatic data generation. If they’re looking for the same benefits as you, they’re more likely to support the new technology.

Communication is key

Good communication and training can also help remove that uncomfortable feeling of the unknown. This will help empower your team to adopt the new software more successfully.

Make it clear that your team is vital to the software’s success. If they embrace and fully adopt it, it’s more likely to deliver the benefits it promises.

Top tip

Timing is everything! Aim to introduce new tech during a period when your business is quieter. That way, you and your team have more time to get to grips with it.

We’ve created a downloadable checklist to help you make sure that you’ve asked yourself all the questions you need to.

Each of the 5 sections in the checklist includes questions that cover all aspects of implementing new technology successfully:

1. Understand your team
This section focuses on who in your team the new software will affect and how. It also invites you to consider the levels of training needed.

2. Prepare your message
Plan how you’ll showcase the new software. As part of communicating the change to your team, highlight the benefits it will bring. Remember, the earlier you get everyone involved, the more likely they are to support it.

3. Schedule training
The questions in this section consider how you’ll organise training. Whether this will be delivered in-house or by a supplier, and your plans for the longer term.

4. Implementation and integration
This section is designed to help you arrange moving all your data from the old system onto the new software. For example, who’ll be doing it and what time and resources they may need.

5. Going live
Finally, this section highlights all the details you need to consider for a successful and stress-free launch day.

Download the Introducing Software Checklist (PDF 261KB)

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