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Having switched careers from finance to set up his own specialised commercial cleaning business in 2018, Karim Samani soon realised the importance of effective communication when dealing with clients outside the corporate world.

Here, he explains how CRM software has helped him manage his interactions with clients and improve the service he provides.


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My name is Karim Samani. I'm the managing director of TechDisinfect.

We physically disinfect IT devices. We work from small- to large-sized corporates. And whatever we do is to ensure that the people are safe at work from all types of contamination and virus infections, for example COVID-19.

Any new business start is a struggle. We want to understand how we'll reach out to the wider business audience.

The problem was, I was maintaining the clients' information on my spreadsheet, which wasn't good.

I wanted to have a CRM system, which I've been researching for a long time. So, CRM is a client relationship management system and what it does actually, it helps you capture the people's information at the one platform and then you can create your own effective communication channel with your client.

Before we did not have a CRM system, people were coming to the website, they were contacting us actually, but it wasn't like we were taking time to reply back.

At the moment, what happens when somebody fills in their contact form, it comes straight over the CRM system and we get the ping that, "Right, OK, a new contact form has been submitted. Can we go back to the client straightaway?"

So I think it really helped the business to grow, because we're maintaining the client communication.

My time was becoming more important to use to do the marketing and engaging with the business advisers than copying and pasting information from Excel into the different software to communicate with people.

And just having the CRM system, we reduced this time massively. On top of that, we are keeping clients' information very, very secure as well.

As also, the clients have noticed that as well, that we are communicating with them very effectively in a timely manner.

The world is moving towards a digital form and we need to adapt and as a business, if you do not adapt to the new technology, you're going to be left behind.

Karim Samani knows first-hand how badly your health can be compromised thanks to unhygienic IT equipment. It happened to him in 2017. Following his recovery, he took matters into his own hands and set up TechDisinfect within the commercial cleaning sector.

The qualified accountant from Manchester soon discovered, however, that spreadsheets alone couldn’t help him manage his client base or potential sales leads. He made the decision to find another solution.

Karim says: ‘I felt the key to success for TechDisinfect - as with a lot of other small to medium-sized enterprises - was how I could manage effective communication with my clients.

I wanted to understand how I could collect data from my sales leads and clients, while analysing calls, emails and meetings all in one place

‘In the beginning, keeping people’s information in one place was really difficult. Coming from a financial background, I loved spreadsheets, but they didn’t give me the kind of control I needed.’

Seizing the opportunity

It was during an encounter with an adviser from a Growth Hub, set up to offer information and advice to local businesses, that the benefits of adopting CRM software became apparent.

‘I wanted to understand how I could collect data from my sales leads and clients, while analysing calls, emails and meetings all in one place, to help secure sales. The adviser told me all about Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and how it could help with that and more,’ explains Karim.

Coming from a financial background, I loved spreadsheets, but they didn’t give me the kind of control I needed

In order to select suitable CRM software, Karim began testing the various functions different packages had to offer. Complementing the software he already had in place was essential.

‘I needed to understand what was going to work best with my current website, and what functionality I was able to add without breaking it,’ he explains.

‘I decided to do a lot of testing. For example, I’d send dummy emails to myself to see what happened when they hit my inbox and I also filled in contact forms on our website.‘Because I was new to the software, I wanted to make sure that what I chose was right for me.’

Easy does it

One of the main selling points for the CRM software Karim chose was its ease of use and the support the software company provided. For Karim, this included telephone advice and online tutorials.

‘In the beginning, it was a bit tricky to understand the full capability and functionality of the CRM that we chose. Gradually, the more we used it, the more we began to understand it better,’ Karim says.

It wasn’t long after adoption that Karim realised the benefits CRM software brought to his business, including the option of segmented email campaigns to ensure he reached the right client base.

‘Before, when someone contacted us via the online form on our website, all we’d get is an email notification. Now, the CRM software automatically analyses the information contained within the contact form, including; the type of customer they are, where they’re located and even what device they’re using,’ says Karim. ‘It then automatically files it away for us in the right place, so we can target those same people with specific email campaigns.’


Our business has grown between 30-40% since I started using CRM software

CRM software doesn’t just help with marketing emails. Karim understands that, as his business continues to grow, it will help him create sales reports, scale his sales process, as well as assist in forecasting sales periods, all helping him and his team save more time.

‘Our business has grown between 30-40% since I started using CRM software. We don’t have any admin tasks to do apart from reply to emails because our CRM software does everything else in the background. It’s much easier to focus on growing the business,’ he says.

Just do it

Since adopting CRM software, Karim has realised the benefits of using it far outweigh the initial worry of adopting new software into his business.

He explains: ‘CRM is a total game changer for us. It helps us process client data in the most effective way possible.

‘Similar to how I was, I think people are apprehensive of change when it comes to how they use software to operate their business.

‘When somebody's depended on just the basics to get by, adopting any type of digital software can be quite scary. But the benefits really do outweigh the initial fear.

‘To anyone in two minds about whether CRM software is right for them, think about the opportunities you’re missing. I’d seriously advise anyone to adopt CRM software to help grow their business if it involves sales of any kind.

‘CRM software not only organises your tasks for you, but it helps plan meetings and makes sure you follow up and connect with your clients when you need to. I’d be missing out on so many opportunities without it.’

  • Business name: TechDisinfect
  • Sector: Professional technology disinfection services
  • Location: Manchester
  • Business founded: 2019
  • Visit:

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